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"BECOME A GHOSTBUSTER" Ghosts are appearing everywhere, and the world is calling you for help. Using the latest Augmented Reality and Maps technology, find and bust ghosts in the real world! ■ SUIT UP & COLLECT Fire your proton beam and capture and collect ghosts from all dimensions of the Ghostbusters franchise. Use a variety of the latest in spectral neutralization and trapping technology. ■ EPIC BOSS RAIDS Team up with nearby Ghostbusters to take down the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and other powerful ghosts in multiplayer boss raids. ■ ALL ORIGINAL STORY Dive in to an all new Ghostbusters story featuring your favorite classic characters. ■ BUILD YOUR TEAM Build a ghost team and enter PVP battles in the Ghost Dimension against those of other Ghostbusters all around the world. Deploy your ghost team to clear the ghosts infesting Gozer's Tower and the Daily Haunt to gain valuable resources needed to make your ghosts stronger! ■ LOCATION-BASED DIMENSION DOORS Check-in at Dimensional Doors spread out throughout your neighborhood and the world at large! Ghosts enter our dimension more frequently at these intersections between their realm and ours. They’ll also provide you with tools and materials that will help you bust ghosts. ※ NOTE - Ghostbusters World is free to download and play with in-app purchase options. - A cellular or WiFi connection is required to play the game. Some gameplay also requires GPS connection. You may experience difficulties playing the game if connections are weak or inconsistent. - Ghostbusters World is compatible with the following devices: [ Android 6.0 ]. - For Customer Support : - Privacy Policy : - Terms of Service : - Follow-us on : * For Android 6.0 and above, we require approval of Permissions. * How to revoke approval of access authority Please follow the below steps to revoke approval of Permissions. [Android 6.0 or higher] Settings > Apps > Choose Application > Permissions > revoke Permissions [Lower than Android 6.0] Update OS or delete App to revoke approval of Permissions * Permissions Guide - (Mandatory) Location Access : Ghostbusters World needs access to your device's location in order to enable map-based gameplay. - (Mandatory) Device Photo, Media, & File Access : Ghostbusters World needs access to your device's photos, media, and files to install game data in external memory. - (Mandatory) Contact Access : Ghostbusters World needs access to your Contacts in order to verify your account. - (Mandatory) Camera Access : Ghostbusters World needs access to your device’s camera to play the augment reality (AR) portion of the game.


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